A little me-time treat to your door each month. Pause is here to boost your wellbeing and help support Mind too.

Pause for Mind Hero

How it works

  • How it works

    For a donation from just £7.50 a month, we will send you or a special someone a Pause box every month over the course of a year.

  • How it works

    Each box brings something unique and promotes improved personal wellbeing through activities that encourage relaxation, creativity, and reflection.

  • How it works

    Your monthly donations will continue to help people experiencing mental health problems. You may cancel your donation at any time.

The power of wellbeing

We all have times when our wellbeing needs a boost. Pause is here to help you find the space to make that happen.

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    How are you today? Your Pause box will help you find the time to acknowledge how you’re feeling.

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    A new skill, goal or challenge can have a big positive impact on your self-esteem and wellbeing.

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    It’s easy to feel disconnected sometimes. Pause will help you share, talk and connect with friends & family.

‘A great way to self soothe and begin to be a bit more mindful.’



  • What is Pause?

    Pause is a new subscription service to help you carve out a monthly moment of me-time – a chance to put aside daily stresses and chores and to focus on your own wellbeing.

    Each month you’ll receive a Pause box though the post containing an activity or gift designed to encourage creativity, relaxation, a new skill, or simply to offer a precious moment of calm. You can use these gifts and activities to savour a little alone time, or share experiences with friends or family.

    Pause is brought to you by Mind, the mental health charity. By subscribing to Pause, you’re donating to supporting Mind’s vital work to ensure that no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

  • Who are Mind?

    Mind is a charity that provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health.

  • I already support Mind with a regular gift, can I receive the products?

    To receive Pause you will need to sign up for an additional regular gift on this site.

  • How much does it cost?

    Your subscription to Pause costs £7.50 a month, which is a donation to Mind, the mental health charity. Mind will receive 100% of your monthly donation.

  • What is in every box?

    We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but every month, you or a special someone will receive a box containing an activity, or gift designed to encourage creativity, relaxation, a new skill or to offer a precious moment of calm.

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